South Peachtree Creek Trail

Connecting DeKalb County Parks...

The South Peachtree Creek Trail meanders through Mason Mill Park as a boardwalk along the banks of the creek, connecting the ball fields and parking area at Medlock Park to the historic Decatur Waterworks and the Tennis Center at Mason Mill Park and beyond to North Decatur Road.  

DeKalb County and PATH Foundation recently celebrated a critical connection of the South Peachtree Creek Trail, joining  the Emory University Campus with the Clairmont Heights, Medlock Park, Mason Mill Park and Leafmore neighborhoods.  The newest trail section connects Emory University's Clairmont Campus at Starvine Way, safely routing pedestrians and cyclists underneath Clairmont Road before heading past Clairmont Lake to the rest of the trail.  Cyclists, strollers and commuters now enjoy a lovely stroll along the creek, beneath the bridge and past the lake, substituting a peaceful PATH (grin) for the former car-crazy commuting options across busy Clairmont Road!


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A Trail Worth the Wait

DeKalb County obtained federal funding in 1996 to build a trail between Medlock Park and the flood plain behind North DeKalb Mall.

In 1999, DeKalb County employed PATH to create a greenway trail master plan which ultimately included the South Peachtree Creek Trail from the mall to Mason Mill Park and the Emory University campus.  It was not until 2007 that the county and PATH proposed to partner on phase I of the trail, connecting Medlock Park to the Old Decatur Water Works site in Mason Mill Park.

By the end of 2008, Phase I was completed and Phase 2 was on the drawing board. Phase 2 involved erecting a bridge over the CSX track and completing the trail to the Mason Mill Tennis Center.

In 2015, the PATH/County partnership built Phase 3A of the trail down to Clairmont Place, while the final connections were added in 2018 to connect the neighborhoods to Emory University's Clairmont Campus.

It's only taken 22 years to make the final connection, but cycling or strolling from parks, past streams and lakes, and beneath a busy highway to and from the Emory Campus is now a much-welcomed reality for many Dekalb County residents .


South Peachtree Creek Trail at Mason Mill Park

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The Emory Connection

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Trail Under Clairmont Road NOW OPEN!!!

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The Final Connection is COMPLETE!

The final portion of the trail now connects  Old Clairmont Road to Clairmont Place, following South Peachtree Creek along Clairmont Lake before turning along the railroad tracks to follow Burnt Fork Creek as it flows through the Ira B. Melton Park.

Medlock Park, Mason Mill Park and North Druid Hills Road are now connected by trail to both Emory University's main campus and its Clairmont campus.



Follow along the South Peachtree Creek Trail as it meanders through Mason Mill Park as a boardwalk along the banks of the creek. It connects the ball fields and parking area at Medlock Park to the historic Decatur Waterworks and the Tennis Center at Mason Mill Park.

South Peachtree Creek Trail in the News

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EMORY | News Center (August, 2017):

"Plans to develop a new bicycle/pedestrian trail that would link Emory’s Clairmont Campus to Mason Mill Park — and points beyond — are rolling forward, according to the PATH Foundation, an Atlanta nonprofit dedicated to developing public greenway trails.

In fact, by this time next year, PATH Foundation Executive Director Ed McBrayer says he fully expects to see the trail completed, opening up new campus commute options to northeastern DeKalb County residents.

“We have a design done and have the plans in for permitting,” McBrayer says. “It looks promising that we will have a trail from Mason Mill Park to the Emory campus during 2018.”

Plans call for a 12-foot-wide trail to run from the Mason Mill Tennis Center and cross under busy Clairmont Road, ending just inside the front gate at Emory’s Clairmont Campus. Cyclists and pedestrians would then be able to follow traffic-restricted Starvine Way onto Emory’s main campus.

The new stretch of public paths would be part of the South Peachtree Creek Trail, a system of bicycle/pedestrian pathways and forest boardwalks that currently extends from Medlock Park to Mason Mill Park and up to North Druid Hills Road. The trail's newest section, from Mason Mill to North Druid Hills at Spring Creek Road, celebrated its grand opening this summer."

(See the full article here)

On Common Ground News ():

"DeKalb County Commissioners Kathie Gannon and Jeff Rader joined DeKalb Parks & Recreation and PATH officials to celebrate the unveiling of the South Peachtree Creek Trail at Mason Park on June 24. The new trail opened after a decade of planning and construction.

A cheering crowd braved the rain to show their support for the newest addition to PATH in DeKalb County. This new trail will enable faculty, students, and employees the ability to reach the Clifton Corridor via alternate means of transportation.

“Connectivity is the future, and by creating spaces to foster these connections, we are ensuring DeKalb will be a jewel of opportunity, and if we adopt a SPLOST, it can be used to build more trails and add sidewalks and expand the horizon toward making our DeKalb much more walkable and bike-able,” Gannon said.

Following the ribbon cutting, Gannon led a walk along the new trail, which spans approximately 2 miles and includes nature bridges and wild nature habitats such as beaver dams."

(Full article here)